Bitten’s main title tells the story of a family of werewolves that is forced to navigate between the normal and supernatural worlds. The house depicted in the sequence was dramatized and warped with various FX effects to make it feel like a living, breathing character, while the embracing bodies, dividing cells, and extreme close-up of an eye’s pupil give the sequence a tone of transformation and mutation. The city, woods, and scrolls suggest the wide expanse of the world and history as the kiss and flash frames of wolves segue into the show title.

Featuring Victoria Asher as model.


Roles: CONCEPT | PREPRODUCTION | PRODUCTION | POST - Live Action Shots Integrated: Bare Back, Wolf Arm, Celluar ECUs, Eye ECU, Family Photo burn, Scrolls, Beast Head, Wolf history page turns


Filmaker: J.B. SUGAR - Space

Studio: Entertainment One

Creative Director | Animator: Thomas Cobb

Editor: Jason Kool

Executive Producer: Gary Bryman

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