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For the first iteration of the Homeland sequence, the focus was 9/11 events and the inner world of the central character Carrie Mathison, played by Claire Danes. Her obsession with geopolitics and the cat-and-mouse game of catching the bad guy is sparked when she is young and follows her into adulthood, becoming both her strength and her weakness. The sequence expresses an intricate, improvisational and unsettling passion inspired by the Carrie character. 

TCGstudio created new sequences for Seasons 4 an 5 as the story developed, changed locations, and required new landscapes, images, and sound bytes.

In Season 6 the story unfolds in New York. The Season one narratives of the 9/11 WTC 1 & 2 event comes "full circle" to NYC with a new WTC and changes in the Carrie character. TCGstudio proposed the notion of "on the surface life goes on" despite the actions of the military industrial complex expanding its reach into domestic policing. A series of shots transports Carrie's POV from Brooklyn to Manhattan to WTC then under Manhattan suggesting a "belly of the whale" metaphor. This was achieved through "special location" shots filmed in 5 days when Manhattan had experienced snow and cloud cover on WTC. The series of cold "dirty snow" imagery moves "pedestrian style" toward the financial district passing innocent kids, parks, subway, WTC above ground then underground, down an elevator "belly of the whale" and ending with a fast train superimposed with the Carrie and "fallen solider" Quinn. "Home of the brave" was chosen for its "built in" patriotic equity. The "glue that holds it together" is Gil Scott-Heron impassioned spoken word:


TCGstudio editor Jason Kool's S6 AUDIO CHOICES TRANSCRIPT:

Gil Scott-Heron: The first revolution is when you change your mind about how you look at things and see there might be another way to look at it that you have not been shown.“ 

Lisa Ling: "so out of control"

Jeremy Scahill: “The brutality against protesters, the para-militarization of law enforcement.” 

Carrie: "That’s when you have to keep trying." 

PEOTUS Elizabeth Keane: "We don’t need a police state in this country to fight terrorism. We need a new strategy."

Gil Scott-Heron: The revolution will not be televised.” 

Glenn Greenwald: “… the system of indefinite detention…” 

Jeremy Scahill: “FBI, CIA targeting Muslim communities…”  

Security guard: "Security. Got an agitated non-compliant patient...What’s his name again?" 

Carrie: "Peter Quinn." 

Security guard: "Peter Quinn."

Gil Scott-Heron: “You will not be able to stay home, brother. You will not be able to plug in, turn on, and cop out.  

Christine Pelosi: “It’s a very alarming charge.”  

Nancy Pelosi: “The Russians hacked our committees.” 

Virgina Hamilton: “The continuation of endless war.”  

Quinn: "Can’t you get that through your fucking skull?" 

Gil Scott-Heron: The revolution will put you in the driver’s seat. 

Jeremy Scahill: “The US continues to engage in a covert-war with very, very high stakes.”  

Saul: "I made promises and didn’t keep them. "

Dana Priest: “This world began right after 9/11” 

Gil Scott-Heron: “The revolution will not be televised, not be televised. There will be no rerun, brothers and sisters. The revolution will be live.”  

Jason Chaffetz: “Which agency?” 

Charles McCullough: “I can’t say that here in an open hearing, sir.”  

Quinn: "You saved me."  

Carrie: "Yes. "

Quinn: "Why? “


Roles: CONCEPT | LIVE ACTION ELEMENTS PREPRODUCTION | PRODUCTION | POST    S6 Live Action Shots Integrated: Snow days at the Brooklyn Bridge & Promenade, Financial district, Chamber Subway stop & subway steps, Chinatown intersection, Manhattan Bridge entrance, Houston Playground, Collect Park, Church/Vesey St., WTC Oculus, WTC wide & CU, Chamber Street subway elevator, platform & tunnel. In S4 Carrie over the shoulder insert and S1 ECU pupil.


Filmakers: Alex Gansa, Howard Gordan & Katie O'Hara - Showtime/Fox 21

Creative Director | Snow days in Manhattan Director & Cinematographer: Thomas Cobb

Editor: Jason Kool

Executive Producer: Gary Bryman

Art Director/Researcher (S 4/5): Madeleine Ignon