Our audience has not been born yet.

We work for the children of the future.

We are seeking today financial support to build a submergible 48,000 pixel 360˚ VR camera array. Six cameras to simultaneously record the last near extinct species on the planet.

Its recordings become a Wikipedia-like video library for future knowledge hunters.



a like minded collective of writers, producers, cinematographers, editors, audiologists, faa liscensed drone pilots, frogpeople, CGI artists, camera engineers,climatologists & zoologists.

1otp.org is testing low resolution 360˚synchronized camera arrays on land, sea & air.

(1otp has faa licensed pilots to fly unmanned drones & frogpeople- PADI Master Scuba Diver rating folks)

“There is real hope when young children get excited about being better stewards of the Earth, their lightbulbs switching on in their unfettered minds when they talk about an unfettered future. Perhaps their grandchildren will have developed more advanced ideas on how best to govern all of Earth’s natural resources. For all species in her garden. How many lightbulbs can we help turn on today?”
— Thomas Cobb, 1otp.org
What is 360˚virtual reality production?
the skinny story is: young people are excited about immersive experiences!

 A common method to record immersive 360˚ experiences is to synchronize 6 Cameras into a single CAMERA ARRAY. The 6 individual camera videos are stitched together to create a single video bubble, a "screen without borders."

 Camera arrays in the sea are controlled hand-held by a scuba diver or remotely control by submergible vehicles.

 Camera arrays in the air are used with conventional aircraft or via remote controlled unmanned battery powered drones. US government federal rules require Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Official Credentials to pilot a drone above 400 feet.


The more young people grow up thinking to "change to world" the better chance their grandchildren will experience on the planet what we have today.

“Future generations can enjoy super high 48k resolution immersive experiences if we record them that way. Think of it like a 360˚National Geographic magazine meets an Ansel Adams 360˚camera. Its a 360˚48k Wikipedia ‘Planet Earth’ family album series.”
— Thomas Cobb, 1otp.org

We owe it to all great, great grandchildren to have recorded the last species on the planet.




last1ontheplanet.org is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization funded entirely through contributions from individuals and foundations.