The complex, eerie main title sequence for Se7en depended on the collaboration of many talents at RGA/LA and composition notebooks props created by Artist Clive Piercy. Artist & Photographer Joel-Peter Within's works of art provided a source of inspiration for the sequence. "Witkin's techniques include scratching the negative, bleaching or toning the print, and using a hands-in-the-chemicals printing technique. This experimentation began after seeing a 19th-century ambrotype of a woman and her ex-lover who had been scratched from the frame."




Filmmaker: David Fincher, New Line Cinema


RGA/LA Creative Director: Kyle Cooper

Main Title Sequence Scratchy Credit Artist / Logo Designer / Storyboard Photographer: Jennifer Shainin

Main Title Sequence Typography Cinematographer: Findlay Bunting

Main Title Sequence Editor: Angus Wall

Main Title Sequence Cinematographer: Harris Savides

TC collaborated with Jennifer Shainin and Findlay Bunting on the main title sequence credit creations. Oversized kodalith/lino projections where filmed with vintage wind-up camera on two separate days. 

Se7en was one of several main title sequences to which TC had the opportunity to contribute in collaboration with the RGA/LA team.