1800 MPG wdf

from their e-mail to tcg (no gas evermore, prices are changing on Elfs):

Dear Friends of Organic Transit:

For the past three years, Organic Transit sold the ELF far below our true costs in order to introduce this amazing new transportation technology to the world. Organic Transit is now increasing our prices come May 1st to ensure our ability to offer the ELF, the most efficient vehicle on the planet, to you.


Effective May 1, 2016, the ELF Solo will start at $6995, and the ELF 2FR will start at $8495. Any orders placed before May 1st will be sold at our existing below-cost prices.


Orders placed this week before May 1st will get a free, signed Limited Editionposter of Organic Transit Founder Rob Cotter with the original wasabi ELF in historic downtown Durham, North Carolina.


We appreciate and are grateful for your support.

Kind Regards,

Maureen Costello

General Manager, Organic Transit

311 W Corporation Street, Durham, NC 27701

wake up see > http://organictransit.com/product/elf-solo/